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NOTE: For all our Grants and Donations seeking Clients, we charge 450 GBP as funding sourcing fees for a single project which is remitted through our online payment services, THE GEO' RELEVANCY CONSULTANCY GROUP Bank accounts or directly through our Representatives and Agents for a quicker Payment Verification after a sourcing application acceptance and confirmation of a matching funding from our Sourcing and Strategies Department.



This form should be downloaded, filled and sent back to us through our official email address by clients seeking a Grant or Donation sourcing service from The GR Consultancy Group. The Sourcing Fees for a Grant or Donation is 450 GBP.

In Negotiation


This form should be downloaded, filled and sent back to us through our official email address by clients seeking a Capital or Corporate loan sourcing service from The GR Consultancy Group.The Sourcing Fees for Business Funding is 550 GBP.

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The Geo' Relevancy Consultancy group's partnership process consists of five stages: Application, Consultation, Proposal, Fulfilment, and Follow Up. A prospective charity must complete all five stages before ongoing partnership is verified.


All prospective charity partners submit an application to The Geo' Relevancy Consultancy group prior to obtaining relief resources. This application process ensures both our donors and our humanitarian partners that The Geo' Relevancy Consultancy group will match available resources to the most effective humanitarian purposes. Potential charity partners are evaluated with the following criteria:  

  • Overall intent of the charity  

  • Ongoing efforts to remain sustainable  

  • Training and teaching of the community  

  • Services offered without regard to race, religion or creed  

  • Level of social impact the charity has within their project 

To submit a partnership application, please fill the form and one of our Representatives will contact you right away.


Charity partners meet with The GR Consultancy Group Humanitarian Development Coordinator to discuss the goals and objectives of their charity at large as well as any current relevant initiatives and humanitarian projects. The GR Consultancy group staff assess the needs of the charity and seek to identify current The GR Consultancy group resources and other strategies by which The GR Consultancy group can support the partner's charitable objectives. 


After gathering the necessary information, The GR Consultancy group provides the partner with a detailed load proposal, including equipment and supply modules and their associated fair market values, as well as administrative fees and competitive transportation options. This is a cooperative process involving dialogue between the partner and The GR Consultancy group to achieve the goals defined during the consultation stage. 


When a Grant is confirmed, The GR Consultancy group moves into a process of gathering on-hand resources as well as acquiring additional resources consistent with the partner’s needs. Equipment is reconditioned and certified to meet original manufacturer specifications and is prepared in accordance with in-country criteria. In addition, we offer service maintenance training and education in the field. 
Great care is taken to wrap, pack, and load resources. Upon request, we also offer customized packaging and crating options.The GR Consultancy group utilizes volume shipping discounts through a variety of shipping companies to provide the best rates available. We prepare all necessary documents for clearing customs including packing lists, letters of donation and commercial invoices. 


We measure the success of our partnerships by the level of humanitarian impact.  In determining the humanitarian impact,The GR Consultancy group utilizes a compilation of evaluation methods to monitor the usage of the given Grants. These methods include, but are not limited to, Implementation Reports, Yearly Reports and On-Site Reviews. Implementation and Yearly Reports include recipient stories, statistics and photographs. We determine the best method of evaluation based on the type of project and the humanitarian services being provided. Additionally, GR Consultancy group provides long-term projects evaluation support which also serves as a feedback loop and monitoring method.

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